Single Deck Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack strategies are not to be used to play all the different categories of games in the casino. The standard blackjack strategy is the one that is applicable for most of the common casino games. This implies blackjack games that involve many deck shoes. If you want to win in the game then you will need to apply this strategy and make some few adjustments for different games you will be playing. This is because not all games have the same number of rules and the number of shoes.

Casino games can even deal on decks of six, eight or even one. This is the difference.

You will need to make some adjustments when playing a single deck game and when playing a multiple deck game. In an example where you are playing with a game of seven decks and the dealer shows ten, the blackjack strategy will mean you hit. And incase you were playing with one deck; you will need to just stand.

Splitting is not a good option in a multiple deck, this is because it is like putting double quantity of the wager on the casino table and the chance of winning will be slim. This means for you to make a hit you will be required to draw a seven so that you can win. This is not the case with a single deck because there are other sevens in the whole deck. The best decision to make at this point is to stand as it will help you minimize your lose. When it comes to six-deck game, you can make a hit like in hard 14, since you will have 22 other sevens in the shoe to assist you.

The adjustments to make when playing single deck game are:

1. If you have pairs of sevens and dealer has 10 stand and don't hit.
2. If you have 11 against a dealers ace, double and don't hit.
3. If you have 5, 3 a mixture of 8, double and don't hit.
4. Using the basic strategy is helpful than the ordinary rules.

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