How to Handle the LAG Player in Online Poker

As you play more and more online poker, chances are you'll come to identify the LAG player, or the "loose, aggressive" poker player. There are some different ways that you can manage the LAG poker player if you're paying attention and can identify them at your table.

How to Recognize the LAG Player

The first thing you'll want to learn is how to recognize the LAG player. First and foremost, their 3 bet percentage will usually be above seven percent, which is about the norm. Their VPIP and PFR will be above 25. They also will usually have a high c-bet ratio. Most players won't need to play long with a LAG player before they recognize the patterns. LAG players will not give you the majority of your money, because they're usually successful players.

Handling the LAG Players

One of the best ways to handle a lag player is to bluff more often. Raise them and make sure they're lining the pot because if your hand is great, you can beat them. They play loosely, so the chances of him beating your smoking hand is rare. Another great way to combat a LAG player is to play with a tight, controlled style. As you play with your tight style, throw in the bluffs to confuse the LAG player.

Multiple barrels are also a great way to combat the LAG. Most importantly, watch the LAG player and keep tabs on what he's doing. Confuse him so you have the best opportunity to win.

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