Heads Up Sit and Go Tournament Tips

The style of Hold'em that requires two opponents play only each other in match after match, otherwise known as Heads Up Sit and Go, is a difficult one. However, keeping in mind a few useful tactics is the best way to make sure you come out on top.

Stay Calm

The stress of this style of play is notorious, because there are no rebuys and the blinds are constantly raising. Especially when the cards aren't landing in your favor, it's tempting to panic. Don't. Instead, follow the rest of these tips to stay on top.

Be Flexible

Your ability to turn on a dime could be your opponent's undoing. If some of your most reliable tricks aren't working, abandon them. Try something more complicated, or try something that seems too obvious. But don't let your opponent catch on to you.

Read the Hands

You'll need to learn quickly what to look for, but an observant player should be able to pick up on his opponent's patterns in a short period of time. Then apply those patterns to individual bets and specific cards, and see what you can discover.

Adjust Accordingly

Since the tournament style of play is so fast-paced, you'll need to go with the flow. When the blinds are high, resist the urge to fold a bad hand and bluff instead. If your chip stack is limited, try to respect it, but remember that you'll have to play eventually or the blinds will kill you.

Heads Up is a challenging and often intimidating style of play, but it's simply another way to tackle the same old game, so keep cool and follow these tips. You'll be fine - and you'll probably have fun. If you need to cool down, you can always get no deposit free spins at Betway Casino that will help you to relax after a long and intensive game of poker. Slots are fun and easy, don't require an extensive thought process, and can earn you lots of money, money you can use to enter future tournaments.

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