Heads Up Hold'em Strategies That Win

It's time to accept that Heads Up games aren't about having the best cards, folding wisely, or even advertising well. Heads Up is all about who can play the other opponent better, in the shortest amount of time possible. If you can't, you're likely to fall prey to the high blinds, so learn these tips for play and learn them well. The best way to learn some new games is through practice. Many casinos are offering free previews of the games with a chance of real money payouts. Put yourself in advantage, immediately by using these UK special deals and super fast withdrawals. Follow our tips, and you are good to go.

Abandon Your Usual Strategies

Whatever they are, whether or not they work in normal play, your strategies probably won't sit that well in a Heads Up game. Instead, you may just end up giving yourself and a lot of chips away while your opponent adjusts his style. Do the same, and you'll do better.

Adapt Your Playing Style

Because blinds raise so quickly and play is so fast, a smart strategy of waiting for big hands and bluffing occasionally is not going to do the trick. Instead, bet big on hands that look like they've a chance of winning, and bluff whenever you need to protect chips you've already committed.

Take Advantage of Position

When you're in the dealer position, make sure you leverage it. Since your opponent is big blind and will statistically miss most flops, betting large and reaping the benefits most of the time is a good call. When you're sitting big blind, check all hands that don't impress and raise decent ones.

Heads Up Hold'em isn't an entirely new game, but it certainly demands adaptation. Make sure you don't get stuck in a rut, you adapt your playing style to meet the demands of the game, and you leverage position whenever you can. You just might come out a winner.

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